Other Options / Extras

  • comprehensive 60 minute phone call or skype to discuss your situation, routine, and how to implement independent sleep habits
  • discuss a method appropriate for your child
  • appropriate for parents that don't require that much help and just need some fine tuning/tweaking
  • researched sleep training to death and just need help piecing it together
  • all questions answered and notes emailed within 24 hours
  • *does not include a sleep plan*

custom sleep plan only

  • appropriate if you do not have a lot of bad habits in place
  • just need help customizing a sleep training method
  • if you have a lot of family support or have done this before with a previous child
  • add on daily sleep log analysis for 7 days for extra $50 
  • add on follow up emails or phone calls

at my discretion after our consultation; if this option would fit your family, then i will invoice you.

two follow up emails

these can be added to any package and can be good for various issues that may arise such as illness, traveling, nap transitions, etc. they do not expire (for use outside of your subscribed time).

30 minute facetime/skype/phone call

this can be added to any package to use either during your subscribed time or afterwards.

refresher option

  • one 30 minute phone call to establish an action plan + notes emailed within 24 hours
  • 3 days of unlimited email support for initiating and follow through with the plan

this option is available to past clients that have gotten off the tracks in some way, either from traveling, nap transitions, toddler bed help, etc. contact me for more details to see if this is a good option for you.

referral bonus

i appreciate your support of my business and belief in me as a sleep consultant, so as a way of saying “thanks!”, when you refer a friend you’ll receive a 10% refund of the package you purchased. you may also choose a catch up email or phone call instead. 

repeat clients

contact for details