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Certified Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant


Bethany says...

We are so grateful for the tips and tools Heaven Sent Sleep gave us! Our 6 month old sleeps SO much better now and we are much happier parents! She listened to my needs and assessed our comfort level with the approaches she gave and really gave us the tools we needed to get our babe sleeping better!

Lauren says...

Reaching out to Ashley for help was literally the BEST decision I've  made in months! To say that she has helped us is a huge understatement!  To give some background, I am a breastfeeding mama, who Co slept from  the time my baby was two months all the way to eight months old. I did  not have more than two hours of consecutive sleep from the time he was  born, and our sleep situation got worse and worse until we were waking  each other up all night long, often every hour. However,  I kept telling myself we could figure it out on our own, and making  excuses for every bad night. I seriously just thought that my baby hated  to sleep. Finally, after a particularly bad night, I saw Ashley post  about her infant sleep consultant journey and it clicked. I needed HELP.  I told her our story, and she worked up a plan so quickly on how to get  us back on track. The first night we tried her methods, our baby slept 8  HOURS STRAIGHT. By the next night, he was sleeping 7 pm- 8 am. She also  helped us sort out our nap schedule. Now every baby is different, but  Ashley is so knowledgeable and so prompt  in addressing questions and  concerns, that I KNOW she will be able to assist you in whatever sleep  issues you may be experiencing. I'm literally convinced that she is a  baby sleep wizard! Our quality of life has dramatically improved since  Ashley helped us take charge of our baby's sleep! THANKS a million!!

Tessa says...

Ashley is literally heaven sent! My son is breastfed and was waking up 8-9 times a night, we were both only getting 2 hours of sleep or less at a time, it was exhausting. I contacted Ashley and she helped us SO much, within 2 days he was only waking up twice a night. Now, 2 weeks later, he is starting to only wake up once a night. I thought my son hated sleep but he is now sleeping 12-13 hours a night! He is a much happier baby now that he is getting the sleep he needs. It's so nice being able to talk to a mom who has successfully sleep trained her babies. I would definitely suggest anyone who is struggling with a non sleeping child to contact Ashley, I am so so so happy I did!
I cant say thank you enough!

Jenna says...

When writing this review, I really do not know where to begin as  Ashley has helped us with SO MUCH!!! So to organize this review for easy  reading I will break it into paragraphs. 1) importance of sleep and  wake times. 2) 4 month sleep regression / pacifier   3) short naps.   With that being said, please understand I am a parent who did not want  my child to cry and Ashley was able to help us in all of these areas in  the most gentle way! She was kind, patient and available whenever we needed her! 

1. IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP and WAKE TIMES. Since birth, my son never really  just fell asleep. He was extremely alert and would stay awake all day  unless I pushed him to nap. I thought if he slept less during the day he  would sleep through the night? HOW WRONG WAS I ! Ashley taught me how  more sleep brings on more sleep. It is as if she has her doctorate in  wake times!!! For every new month, every new growth spurt, there was a  new wake time... and she was spot on every time! This really helped me  to get him to learn to love to sleep. But because he was a newborn who  didn't love to sleep, where did I have him sleeping?? ON ME ... Which  was fine for a newborn. How did I break this habit? Ashley helped once  again! With this being said, my son was breastfed and sleeping through  the night at 6 weeks. 

2. 4 month sleep regression / pacifier.  Yes, my son was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. However, I never  didn't do any formal sleep training and remember I didn't want my son to  cry. So every night I had a BT routine that included a pacifier. Well,  when he turned 4 months.. he woke every hour and needed me to basically  put the pacifier back in his mouth and shush him to bed. After about a  week of this, I reached out to Ashley for help! She suggested I lose the  pacifier and sleep train him. I COULD NOT LET MY SON CRY! However, I  knew I needed to teach him how to sleep. It took ONE NIGHT and about 10  Minutes of crying !!! I removed the pacifier and did a modified Ferber  method. He went to sleep without the pacifier cried (lightly) for 5  minutes, I checked on him and he cried and went to sleep. HE WAS  READY!!! 

3. NAPPING!!! With the knowledge of wake times, I was  able to get my son to successfully nap. But he was only napping on me! I  needed help to break this habit (when I was ready, I truly didn't mind  it �). Ashley, helped me establish a nap routine and my son transitioned  well into the crib (he slept in the crib at night time). However, he  was only giving me 30 minutes of sleep in the crib! Ashley suggested  removing the pacifier from nap-time.  I removed the pacifier and stayed  consistent with putting him in the crib!! IT WORKED!!! I cannot believe  my son sleeps in his cribs for naps for longer than 30 minutes!!!    Looking back on the last 6.5 months, I learned so much about sleep from  Ashley.  But, she didn't give me a 1 way answer.... she gave me the  answer to fit my child's needs. I am so thankful for her!!!

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