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Do you need a sleep consultant?

Just reiterating here again that it is never my intention to shame parents for their choices, parenting styles, etc regarding their child's sleep. You do you! But if you need help, and need someone to guide you, then that's where I come in! 

Most of my families come to me and tell me that they have an idea of "sleep training" and they're not comfortable with "CIO" (cry it out). This is usually known as extinction where you don't go back in after putting your child to bed. It's a very straight forward method, so most people don't need me for that. That's totally fine - it works for some families! If you need help choosing a method that would work best for your family and still see results, then that's where I come in.

My job is to give you all the puzzle pieces so that your child is set up to be successful in learning this skill with the least amount of crying possible. Believe it or not, I'm not a monster who thrives on the tears of little ones! I truly want your child to learn this developmental skill while facilitating a bond through routine and consistency with you, their parent.

It's rare for me to meet a parent that truly prepared for their child's sleep as much as they prepared for their pregnancy, labor & delivery, breastfeeding, preparing their nursery or registry, diapering, solids, or baby wearing.

But the unfortunate part is that EVERYONE has an opinion on sleep & what the right things to do are. Your family, friends coworkers, and strangers on the internet are well-meaning, but let's face it, it's somewhat useless (and often contradicting). What works for their child, won't work for another and can actually be detrimental to your child's sleep habits.

If you have heard things like....

"Sleep when the baby sleeps!
"Better sleep now because you won't sleep again."

"Never wake a sleeping baby!"
"Keep your baby up all day so they sleep all night!"
"If you hold your baby all the time, you'll spoil her."
"If you pick her up every time she cries, you'll spoil her."
"Your child should fit your schedule."
"Make sure your child is on a strict schedule from birth."

The problem is that none of this actually helpful information. No one gives the actual tools needed to set you up for fostering healthy sleep habits for your little one. It can be very frustrating, especially as a new parent but even still for a seasoned one!

If what you're currently doing is working great for your family (that includes you mama!) and your child is getting the sleep they need for their age, then don't fix what's not broken! But if you're here, I assume you've gotten off track and need help getting back on the rails.

This is where I would come in. When you're ready to start getting more sleep, we work together to find the perfect combination of things for YOUR child and YOUR parenting. I'm skilled at reading your comprehensive intake form, creating a completely custom sleep plan and supporting you through any bumps in the road to achieve success in implementing healthy sleep habits for your child. 

Sleep is when all the good things happen for our bodies. Muscles are growing, tissues repairing, proteins are synthesizing, and growth hormones are releasing. Those things won't happen like they're supposed to without proper sleep and in the proper sleep windows for their age.

Poor sleep can lead to emotional instability, difficulty learning new skills, impact learning with age including language skills, and can negatively affect their health with a higher risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and poor cardiovascular health.

Not only is sleep important for your growing child, it's also important for you. For everything listed above, but also because it's mperative for your mental health. Moms, you're already at risk for PPD/PPA and less sleep will exacerbate that. How can we parent to the best of our ability that our children deserve when we're barely functioning ourselves?

Here's an idea of how much sleep a child needs at different ages in a 24 hour period:

0-2 months | 16-19 hours

3-6 months | 14-17 hours

7-9 months | 12-15 hours

10-12 months | 11-15 hours

13-18 months | 11-14 hours

1.5-5 years | 11-13 hours

It's also important to note that babies do not outgrow sleep problems. They can follow them into toddlerhood, childhood, and even adulthood.

Here's how I help:

  • I'm able to step back from your situation to see exactly what areas we need to focus on and what changes we need to make to ensure your child has a fair chance at being successful with learning this skill
  • I've completed over 50 hours of coursework + over 3 years of experience with helping thousands of parents on a forum and my own clients. I continue my education with specific courses that not only help me, but help you grow as a parent as well.
  • Guidance, encouragement, and support for you because mommin' ain't easy and it's even harder when you don't have the proper support system in place! I meet you where you're at, in your parenting style, and if you're not sure which option would be the best fit for your child, I can talk you through what might work best for your child's personality and temperament.   

If you're ready to change your situation...

I offer free phone consultations or a free online assessment to hear your story, what you're struggling with, and see if my services would benefit your family. You can view my different package options by clicking the button below!